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Looking forward to the launch of book two in the Eddie Shoes Mystery Series!

Two Heads Are Deader 
Than One

Available April 15, 2017

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Ibook, e-book formats and from fine bookstores near you. 

Book two will also be available on Audible, with the same marvelous narrator as book one, Moira Driscoll

One Dead, Two to Go

An Eddie Shoes Mystery

Available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, 
and fine bookstores near you. 
(Trade Paperback, ebook, and audible format)

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information about public events"

Praise for One Dead...

"This is great start to a new series" 
—Audiothing (Review of the Audible recording) Click HERE to read the full review.

"Hartwell has created quite a winner in the unique and clever Eddie Shoes, and this first case features not only a twisting, turning, fast-paced plot, but also a number of nuanced, quirky relationships, making for a story that is fun and increasingly absorbing, especially as readers learn more about this headstrong heroine’s past."
—RT Book Reviews (Bridget Keown) Click HERE to read the full review

"An original, well written gum-shoe, readers will find an easy ebb and flow of sequences with just enough mystery to keep them guessing. From their strained past to their bumbling investigation skills, this quirky combination of a mother-daughter reunion turned crime-fighting duo will captivate readers."
InD'Tale Magazine Review (Roberta Gordon) Click HERE to read the full review.

"You know you’re in wonderful trouble when you read the perfect line in Elena Hartwell’s debut mystery novel, “Maybe in their line of work a gunshot wound was a sign of affection.”  After you’ve been hooked, snooked, waylaid, and headspun, there’s no chance of putting down this lovely ride-of-a-book until you’re finished."
Carew Papritz, Author of the Award-Winning Bestseller, The Legacy Letters

“One Dead, Two To Go is smart, page-turning fun, with the most feisty and likable P.I. since Kinsey Millhone. Looking for your next favorite detective series? Look no further.”
Deb Caletti, National Book Award finalist and author of He’s Gone

Fans of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich should definitely check out One Dead, Two to Go.”
Max Everhart, author of the Eli Sharpe Mystery series

“Funny, clever, and full of grabbing plot twists, Elena Hartwell’s One Dead, Two To Go, the debut novel in her Eddie Shoes series, takes the mystery lover into unexpected territory. Warning: you’ll want more.”
Scott Driscoll, author of Better You Go Home
What the Critics are saying about my plays…
A Strange Disappearance of Bees

...In this beautifully written story, five characters are forever connected as the present collides with the past in this realistic, poignant and down-to-earth drama...

--Radomir Luza
Click HERE for the full review

...[a] riveting piece ...This is an excellent study of how people react when faced with seemingly overwhelming situations....

--Jose Ruiz
Click HERE for the full review

...the finest stagework in the region and that should motivate you to go see it while you can. It’s an intelligent and compelling drama that you need to be able to talk about for the rest of the year...

--J. Peter Bergman, 
EDGE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Click HERE for the full review

..This is a deeply intelligent and evolving play with endless empathy and a dose of understated humor ... audiences would be wise to swarm to Oldcastle ... and take in the sweetness ...

--Telly Halkias
The Advocate
Click HERE for the full review

 It’s been years since a new play came out of the blue and knocked me over like a stroke of theatrical lightning.

 ..This is a world class production, the most memorable play I have seen since the original Orphans at Steppenwolf in Chicago in 1985.

Yes, you read that right, the best play I have seen in 25 years. ... this is the sort of human interest story that capture the interest of both Broadway and filmmakers. ...  I would not hesitate to tell everyone I know that if you are particular about the theatre you see, this is a play that is worth the drive.
With more than five dozen plays on our Summer calendar, is it possible that we have just seen the best one of the summer?
--Larry Murray
Berkshire On Stage

 Certainly our best new and original play, yes. Two hours of honest and engaging theatre beautifully acted on the perfect set

--Gail M. Burns 
Berkshire On Stage
Click HERE for the full review

...a sweet and touching story that made  this reviewer laugh in places, and brought a few tears, too...

--Stephanie L. Ryan
North Adams Transcript
Click HERE for the full review
Endless Sea
“Washington playwright Elena Hartwell clearly has a talent for poetic prose and poignant drama...”

-- Michael Grossberg, The Columbus Dispatch

Prairie Nocturne
"[Elena Hartwell's] script excels at retaining the book's language and the spirit of Doig's land and people."
--Misha Berson, Seattle Times
"Simmons’ character, Monty Rathbun, is one of the most intriguing seen on a Seattle stage so far this season."
"Montana of the 1920s may be the land of wide open spaces, but in [Elena Hartwell’s] reverent and moving adaptation of Ivan Doig’s novel, Prairie Nocturne, the prairie town is crowded with ghosts." 
Ivan Doig is one of the great ones, and I can say that despite the fact I've never read a single word he's written, because I have seen Book-It Repertory's new production of Prairie Nocturne.
--Micheal Dare, click here for the full review
Prairie Nocturne benefits from a strong adaptation by Elena Hartwell ... Ms Hartwell does an admirable job with condensing the thickly plotted novel ... the pacing and emotion created are lyrical and majestic."
--Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay Scene 

A Strange Disappearance of Bees
12 Shows to Watch - Detroit Free Press

The title alone is intriguing.
Playwright Elena Hartwell's world premiere work at the Rep...

"Hartwell’s play excelled in its execution of poignant, parallel themes. The playwright managed to imbue her work with messages on the intangibles of life, death, love and happiness, all on the canvass of a realistic, simple plot, fairly uncomplicated characters and entertaining dialogue. The intriguingly odd title couldn’t be more fitting. When the applause set in at the close of the second act, it was certainly more than well deserved."
--The Williams Record 

"A Strange Disappearance of Bees is a resounding success"
--Rogue Critic

"Detroit finds the sweet spot with
A Strange Disappearance of Bees..."

"Playwright Elena Hartwell shows a firm understanding of the human condition... in her compelling drama..."
--Encore Michigan

"I Love This Play!"
--comment card, patron at Centre Stage

In Our Name
" important and haunting play that should be experienced by all..."
--New York Fringe Review

"...In Our Name is a timely exploration of military sacrifice and courage..."
--New York Fringe Review

"...a triptych of short, breathtaking one-acts..."
--Martin Denton NYTE

The Wall
"...timely and trenchant"
--Playwrights Horizons

Scrooge Revisited
"...a delightful adaptation of Dickens' story..."
--Joe Boling

"...a refreshing interpretation that plays more like an adult psychological drama..."
--Bill Timnick (Tacoma City Paper)

Fast Ducks
"...a charming bit of stagework ... what makes Fast Ducks enjoyable is its love for its characters and its understanding of small-town culture..."
--John Sousanis(Oakland Press)